Beaches of Batemans Bay and the Eurobodalla (eBook)


Available in digital format on Amazon or Apple (link below). Beaches of Batemans Bay and the Eurobodalla Coast is a 240 page compact, concise and comprehensive visual travel guide to the beautiful beaches found on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. The beach guidebooks even the locals use!



eBook available on Amazon or Apple.

The Eurobodalla Coastline has been divided into eight sections, each represented by a coloured tab. These tabs are displayed on the side of each section, on the rear flap for quick reference and on the Contents page opposite. To navigate to an area of interest, simply locate the coloured section in the guide. The sections are arranged in logical geographic areas, from North to South. Each section starts with a general description, area map and an ‘At a Glance’ overview of the beaches found in that area. You can easily locate the best beach to visit for camping, surfing or just sightseeing!

This is followed by a beach-by-beach description with photographs, maps and list of features to help you plan your visit. The features are those found either on the beach, or within easy walking distance of the beach. Beach names used are those found on official Australian Government maps. When a beach name is not on the official map, we have used the generally accepted local name. For detailed town mapping, please refer to the map section at the back of the book.

We hope you enjoy discovering the beaches of Batemans Bay the Eurobodalla Coast and that this publication makes it a more enriching experience!

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